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              Product List
               QingDao Nakasen New material Technology Co.,Ltd.is located in the scenic west coast of Qingdao - Jiaonan. Since its inception in 1983, and the Taiwan International Industrial Co., Ltd Mita, Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute Fellow Mr. Dai Guangyong joined forces, the continuous development, formed a Production, research, sales as one, set to produce active zinc oxide, zinc oxide, basic zinc carbonate, Indirect method zinc oxide, rubber products, metal products and other products of the comprehensive, scientific and technological enterprises. We always adhere to the quality of survival, to management for efficiency, relying on technological innovation and priming Development to meet customer demand as the goal of advanced concepts, relying on local technology and industrial advantages To high-quality products, friendly service ...
              Zinc oxide technology
              Contact us
              Address: NO,13 of North Road of Zhushan, Jiaonan, Qingdao
              Contact: Mr. Wang
              Phone :086-532-88139897
              Fax :086-532-88139897
              Zip Code: 266400
              Website: www.justmakeid.com
              E-mail: info@nakasen.cn